So I finally managed to make a short video, It’ does not show much, but I hope it you’ll see something interesting. If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask and I will make a blogpost or maybe even a video about something specific you want to know. In the future I plan to make some more videos where I focus on one or two things I make progress on, so I can cover them in more detail and I hope that will make them more interesting.

2 Responses to First Demo

  • mario:


    This looks very promising and Im sure the lack of dependecies makes the implementation a fun and small toy to read for sure.
    Have you considered making a public fork of the source code as it is right now, just for educational purposes before it gets too big? It would be a very valuable resource fore sure. Meanwhile, you would be working, developing and extending your engine for your game in another private repository.

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work :)

    • KiPhemyst:

      Hey, No I will not be releasing source code, unless after I have graduated I do not have free to develop it further. However at the moment I am in progress of detaching DirectX10 part from my engine and I might release it as a open source demo / DX10 Wrapper kind of thing; and at some point I will release either the code for terrain generation (I did a summer project on terrain generation) or maybe even slightly updated one.
      However if you are developing your own engine and have questions about my designs feel free to ask :)

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