About Me

Thats me!My real name is Karolis Kivilius. Online I might be known as KiPhemyst.

I was interested in computers since… I don’t event remember… that was long long ago… And over this time my interest kept growing so for my own interest I tried a lot different things… from web development to 3D modeling and C++ programing! And I am happy about this because having various skills I can do so many things and when I am programming it is good to be aware of various integration requirements between different fields, for example knowing ho to make a 3D model and how it works will help if I ever need to import a model into an application.


I am studied BSc Games Technology.

Why did I choose this course? Well I have a dream: to make video games. To achieve this goal I need education, but at the time I finished school in Lithuania there were courses related to creating computer games. When I found out that I can study Games Technology in UK I told my self “I have to study this!”. So there I am on my way to job of my dreams… And now I am studying and filling in the blank spaces in my knowledge I gained myself with information from university. This way I can feel secure that I know all core things which are required for this profession and I will be able to prove it with University Diploma.


Programming in C++ (in MS Visual Studio 2010 environment) with experience in both DirectX (9/10) and OpenGL (Mostly DirectX10).
3D Modeling in 3D Studio Max 2008-2011
Web development in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4-CS5, also basic HTML, PHP and MySQL knowledge
Image editing Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS5 and of course almighty Paint :D
And core things that everyone can do MS Office Word/Exel/Power Point.

Free time!

GAMES! Playing games! Besides games I work on my C++ project because in programming you can never have too much experience and you will always find something new to do, for me programming is like a huge puzzle with millions of pieces which keep changing shapes and colors, but in the end when I put them together in specific way they make that one marvelous picture that everyone can enjoy and I can proudly say: “I did it and it is amazing!”.

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